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Water covers about 70% of the Earth. At Brownie’s Marine Group we make it possible for you and your entire family and friends to regain some of that area for your leisurely activities or perhaps for more purpose driven exploration or commercial exploits.

If you are new here to the world of Brownie’s, perhaps we can suggest you head to our About page to learn more about us.

Alternatively, if you need a little recap of our lines of products, allow us to make this brief overview:

For your Surface Supplied Air Diving Systems, also often referred to as Hookah diving, gasoline, battery or electrically powered, whether for leisure or commercial purposes, for free float, dock positioned or boat installed Hookah diving systems, please visit our Third Lung Diving section, and just to give you a taste what started Brownie’s Marine Group off and what encapsulates our tagline of Diving Made Easy and just to make you happy, then please have a look at this video:

Again for our world famous surface supplied air diving systems, please visit our Third Lung Diving section.

New Dive Flag - 3DBuoy


The just released news on the ingenious 3DBuoy – the new dive flag that is a full 36 inches high – 18 inches wide 3-dimensional inflatable dive buoy is sure to gain a captive audience. Finally there’s a dive flag that can actually be seen clearly – even in high seas – from far away. Stay safe when diving with the new 3D Buoy, read more about the 3D Bouy.

Need the most advanced and easiest way of producing your Nitrox approved by Bauer Compressors, either for your Yacht, dive operation or elsewhere? Then please visit the NitroxMaker Systems under the Tankfill/NitroxMaker section

Also for all your customized Scuba Tankfilling systems, designs, installations and engineering, either for your dive operation or for your Yacht or other Vessel, please visit the NitroxMaker Systems section

Looking for the only Dual Approved Life Jacket on the market, SOLAS 2010 and US Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets, then please head over to our Public Safety section

In the Public Safety section you will also find the special Rapid Entry System innovated by Brownie’s, the special Helo mount for Helicopter Rescuers and our Patented Egressor Mini-Scuba system

Our Public Safety section also has our Body-Armor specially designed, engineered and innovated by Brownie’s.

In the market for the perfect Submarine for your Exploration, Leisure or Charter, consult with the leading professionals and real exploration divers at Brownie’s Marine Group and visit the Submarine section section

Brownie’s Marine Group has also partnered up with another market and technology leader, namely with Torqeedo, who makes the most advanced battery powered out board engines. In our partnership with Torqeedo, Brownie’s Marine Group has become their Service Partner in Florida. The Torqeedo products are very exciting and the technology is truly inspiring. Visit the Torqeedo section for more.

Want to learn about the latest technologies that we have in place or are currently working on, then you may find the New Technologies section interesting.

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