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FLIBS or The Fort Lauderdale International Boat show is coming into full effect once again later this week.

At Brownie’s Marine Group we are all scrambling to get all the necessaries pieces of the puzzle to work in order to provide you the visitor with the best show possible. Also our friends from Triton Submarines Inc. are at it. Friday they were setting up the fantastic Triton Submarine in our shared booth area.

Flibs Setup Day - The Triton Submarine arriving on a flatbed truck

For the show Triton Submarines Inc are bring the 1000 feet two passenger version. The submarine is sure to pick up lots of interest and gazing eyes.

Flibs Setup Day

Flibs Setup

Flibs Setup

We shall bring you more information on this very unique submarine so do make sure you come back to visit our blog.

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