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Body Armor

Garment Integrated – Personal Flotation Device (GI-PFD™)

Brownie’s Public Safety introduces the GI-PFD™ (Garment Integrated Personal Flotation Device System for body armor flotation!)

This truly unique, patented device is designed to provide flotation protection to the professional who must wear tactical body armor in and around the water.

This system can reliably support the distressed or unconscious wearer in a true life-saving position. 

Here is a video showing the activation and inflation of the GI-PFD™ upon submersion


The GI-PFD™ uniquely offers 42-lbs of effective flotation directed at stabilizing the head in a “nose/mouth out of water” position. Other devices commercially available today provide less than half this flotation and complicate or even restrict tactical objectives. The GI-PFD™ does not intrude upon movement, visibility, or comfort in action. Tactical gear configuration changes typically demanded by other flotation accessories are not necessary with the GI-PFD™

A simple field upgrade using the GI-PFD™ body armor fl system turns most body armor products to a truly heads-up life saving device. It is unique in both capacities: Heads-up and retrofit in the field. There are many other benefits inherent to this patented system including a low profile fit, no weapons interference, and easy maintenance.

Once inflated, the GI-PFD™ can be adjusted to change the amount of freeboard. The oral inflator allows the user to keep the GI-PFD™ topped off during extended stays in the water.

The GI-PFD™ is available in manual or auto/manual activation.

The video below shows you the attachment of the GI-PFD™

We also suggest you watch this video about GI-PFD™ – Why You Need It And Other Questions Answered (unfortunately the volume on this one is not up to par, so you may need to turn up your volume very high – remember to turn it back down after watching it)

Watch The Video Below For: Will the GI-PFD™ Fit On My Body Armor And More Questions

Click here to download a flyer that includes an overview of the GI-PFD™