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Kon-Tiki Royal

Kontiki Royal Lifejacket From Brownies Marine Group.jpgFirst lifejacket to be approved by both US Coast Guard and SOLAS

Approval: US Coast Guard

SOLAS IMO LSA Code (Res. MSC 48(66), Section 2.2. and IMO Res.A.689 as amended through Res.MSC.207(81), and Res. 689(17) as amended through Res. MSC.200(80)


Adult 190N
Child 105N

Color: Orange
Crew: fluorescent yellow

Standard equipment: Buddy line, lifting loop, whistle, reflective tape, adjustable belt with stainless steel buckle

Attachment for light: Groove for light
Accessories: Water activated or manual light, extension strap


Kontiki Royal Lifejacket From Brownies Marine Group Closed 



Kon Tiki Royal, Adult

Adult Lifejacket with appovals from Coast Guard, SOLAS requirement for US vessels with keels laid since October 2010.

Price: $138



Kon Tiki Royal, Child
Child Lifejacket with appovals from Coast Guard, SOLAS requirement for US vessels with keels laid since October 2010.


Price: $138



Supporting Documents

Regatta lifejacket first to achieve approval from both US Coast Guard and Lloyd´s according to MSC200(80)
The lifejacket ”Regatta Kon Tiki Royal” has after extensive testing been approved by US Coastguard and Lloyd´s Register according to the new standard MSC 200(80) which is coming into force in 2010.

After stringent testing, Regatta’s Kon Tiki Royal lifejacket is the first in the world to have been approved by US Coast Guard under new standard MSC 200(80), which come into force in 2010.

Regatta also scored another first when the Kon-Tiki Royal was awarded an MED-B certificate by Lloyd´s Register of London. This makes Regatta the only company currently to be able to offer a lifejacket for passenger ships with the two international approvals.

The Company is also the only manufacturer outside the USA to have formerly won approval from USCG for passenger lifejackets.

The new US regulations come into force for all new buildings after 2010 and will be the new standard for passenger and cruise ships worldwide.

Tests on the Kon-Tiki Royal US were performed by Underwriters Laboratories in North Carolina and demonstrated that the lifejacket has considerably better buoyancy and turning power than required by the new regulations.

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