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Personal Life Raft (PLR)

The Application:

A full-size inflatable life raft that can be folded to a compact size and deployed by a person in (or out of) the water.
Potential applications include: divers, boaters, private and commercial pilots, Coast Guard, military, law enforcement, helicopter teams, etc.

Why is this important?
· Traditional life rafts have been too heavy and bulky to be carried on the user.
· Use of life raft greatly increases the chances of victims to survive extended durations on open water.
· Removing injured victims from the water reduces stress and increases chances of survival.

Key features:
Compact design – can be folded flat and worn on person.

Generously sized  (6 ft long x 3.5 ft wide when deployed) can easily support an adult occupant.

Full flotation - 300 pounds of lift allows victim to be fully removed from the water; particularly important if the victim is unconscious or bleeding.

Brightly colored - for greater visibility from land, water or air.

Easy attachment - comes with stainless steel attachment hardware.

Optional: Zippered storage pouch