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Specialty Flotation Devices

Brownie’s Marine Group constantly develops new innovative products meeting needs, customer wishes improving accessibility and safety and enhancing your fun. Some of these products are the specialty floatation devices such as for example the specially engineered SHERPA.

SHERPA stands for
–    SOS Signal Marker
–    HELP Sling
–    Enhanced Life Ring
–    Rescue Device
–    Personal Safety Device
–    Additional Functions

The SHERPA thus fulfills many jobs and functions as many devices and can be deployed as a Personal Safety Device, such as a Dive Marker or a Signal Tube, or it can act as a Floatation Device in a flash either as a Rescue Deviceor perhaps as a nice aid for Snorkeling fun.

The SHERPA is fully compatible with all Brownie’s Marine Group dive gear and thus also with the Brownie’s Marine Group Drop Weight Cummerbelt.