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Triton Submarines

Experience the competition… Then buy a Triton

Triton Submarines has collected the finest, most experienced talent in the civil submarine business. Each member of the full time management and staff at the company averages 26.7 years of dedicated civil submarine and submersible experience. Including part time staff the group collectively represents more than 331 years of experience. No competitor even remotely approaches this level of expertise. The Triton’s incredible level of competitive superiority is based on the tremendous operations experience of the staff. They know what works in the subsea environment because, more than any group in the world, they’ve been there. they’ve spent thousands of hours piloting more than 80 different civil submarines and submersibles. In addition, our Engineering Manager was in charge of design review at the American Bureau of Shipping for over 25 different submersibles.

About the competition…
One of the frustrating aspects of presiding over a hugely experienced and capable group is that new competitors spring up, make outrageous claims and market inexpensive subs that are marginal in performance. However, the general public does not typically have the expertise to recognize the quality and safety difference unless they take the trouble to dive on models made by the handful of different manufacturers. Recently, an inexperienced but high-profile European manufacturer provided a demo dive to a prospective client and the hull leaked so badly the occupants had to make an emergency exit and the sub sank beneath them! Not good.

The Deep Ocean is no place for compromise

Triton Submarines is dedicated to producing the highest quality, safest and most functionally superior deep submersibles in existence – based on over 330 years of collective experience. Triton Submarines are absolutely committed to ensuring every aspect of their design is of the highest possible quality. As a result, Triton’s submersibles are unashamedly more expensive than those of our competitors. Triton Submarine makes a fair profit, their parent company has been in business for 19 years and they expect to be here for decades to come. If you compare products with a discerning eye you too will come to understand that when your family’s safety is at stake in a hostile environment like the deep ocean – there is no place for compromise.


Submarines with depth ratings of 1,000 foot (300m) 2 or 3 person and 3,300 foot (1,000m) 2 or 3 person
- and a 36,000 foot (approx. 11 km) 3 person

There are basically 3 Triton Submarine models, being the Triton 1000, the Triton 3300 and the Triton 36000 models. The number refers to the depth range in feet and each model comes in a 2 passenger or a 3 passenger version, except for the 36000 which is only offered as a 3 passenger version. Passengers in this case include the captain of the submarine.

Here’s a video clip

As seen on NBC’s TODAY show January 19th 2012

The Triton 3300 submarine is giving a look at the unexplored regions of the ocean, seven miles deep, where millions of species may be undiscovered. Investigative journalist Oliver Steeds reports for the TODAY show.



The Triton Submarine That Is Most Popular

Image captured by Sandra Edwards/South Florida Dive Journal


The video below gives you great insights to many of the capabilities, benefits, advantages and possibilities the submarines offer:


The Triton Submarine as previously stated has been specifically designed to be integrated with large yachts and as such it makes it the ultimate extension of the fun, pleasure or exploration you can enjoy with a yacht. Its size is manageable and a good size davit can handle the hoisting and deployment. Also what is very unique for the Triton Submarine is how well it will handle resting on the water surface even with the lid open, thus allowing for passenger exchange on the water surface in comfort, ease and safety. Most other submarines require passenger exchange to be carried out onboard the mother vessel, which in other words means you would need to hoist the submarine up and down for every passenger exchange – which adds heavily to the cost, time usage (or rather time waste) and potential risks during the maneuver.

Just by studying the images provided here on this webpage of the Triton Submarine you can clearly see the unsurpassed and unobstructed views the Triton Submarine offers. If you compare with every other submarine currently available on the market you will find this to be vastly superior in this area alone. In the Triton Submarine you have clear views almost all around you including great views to the top and to the bottom. A view to the bottom is often extremely essential for grabbing or studying something on the ocean floor. For more on the benefits the section below on Competitive Superiority.

In addition to the extreme comfort that the Triton Submarine offers, it also is extremely easy to operate and it is in fact steered by the touch of a joy stick. Instrumentation is controlled by a detachable Toughbook, with of course every essentials being controllable also by mechanical/manual controls.


There are several submarines available on the market. Why choose a Triton Submarine?


Deck space is at a premium aboard a yacht and the Triton’s compact design is only 10 feet LOA, less than half of most competitor’s submersibles. This means the sub stows easily and is significantly easier to launch and recover.


The main reason for owning a submersible is to experience the ocean world and to do that you have to be able to see out of the sub effectively. The Triton’s totally transparent passenger compartment provides unsurpassed viewing for the occupants.


The catamaran design of the Triton results in surface stability and the top mounted hatch provides more freeboard than any other small submersible. This combination makes it easy for the occupants to get in and out of the sub while it is in the water and is the most important safety factor in submersibles.


Unlike many submarines where the hatch cannot be opened with the sub in the water, the Triton can be entered in the water. The Triton does not require an elaborate, man rated launch and recovery system, making it far more cost effective to own and operate.


When you are cruising in a submersible underwater the best view is forward and down. No other sub gives you better viewing or gets you closer to the reef and the sea floor below.


A highly sophisticated and proprietary digital touch screen control, navigation and monitoring system makes Triton uniquely easy to operate and reduces pilot workload. Embedded checklists, automated alarms and an advanced autopilot system improves safety as well.


Digital proportional joystick control coupled to thrusters that move the sub in all three axes provides for unsurpassed maneuverability.


Triton is the only sub company that has a deep submersible pilot simulator for customer familiarization and pilot training. Customer support is also available 24/7.


The Triton designers and operations senior staff are the most experienced civil sub experts in the world. Patrick Lahey, Triton’s president, is the most experienced civil sub pilot active in the world today. Our far reaching experience means we have seen the effective design and operations solutions in many environments and this results in our ability to engineer the world’s best submersibles.


More and more yacht owners and scientists are showing interest for what remains hidden in the realm of the under water world.The Triton submersibles are perfectly designed to make way for new discoveries and new adventures to take place. A recent discovery was the confirmation of the existence of the Giant Squid.

Old tales and dramatic novels have told countless stories of Giant Squids, but not until scientists took the Triton 3300/3 submersible to the deep waters off Japan, was the existence of the Giant Squids confirmed.

The Discovery Channel made a great and intriguing documentary which we are pleased to bring you here:


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