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The Triton 3300

The Triton 3300This Triton offers you an unprecedented opportunity to show friends and family the ocean world.

Dive on wrecks, both ancient and contemporary, explore the myriad strange denizens of the Stygian deep or laugh in wonder at the antics of the brilliant fish that inhabit the tropical coral reef.

A magic world awaits you, if you have the resources and spirit of adventure to embrace it.

The Triton 3300 will take you to depths of up to 3300 feet or approximately 1000 meters in climate controlled comfort, safety and as always atmospheric pressure.


Do you charter your yacht?

The charter market is very competitive.

Yet, there is no better way to increase market differentiation than putting a Triton aboard. You will immediately be able to offer something that none of your competitors have – the opportunity to explore the ocean depths.

Let us help you improve your bottom line and get your Triton submarine to pay for itself.



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