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Customized Stainless

Merging Italian Stainless Craftsmanship with Yacht Diving System Design Innovations

Precetti S.p.a. has supplied specialty metalworking to the ship-building industry since 1921. Drawing on several generations of skilled metal craftsmanship among its workforce, the company re-focused its efforts in 1981 on custom engineered products for the cruise ship industry.

While engaged in custom manufacturing for the shipbuilding industry, Precetti managing director Paulo Passalacqua followed his passion for scuba diving by seeking out the most accomplished exploration and training group in the world – Global Underwater Explorers. Mr. Passalacqua’s training through GUE lead to the merging of efforts between two complimentary businesses and business-minded divers.

Robert Carmichael (Yacht Diving Exploration consultant and owner of Brownie’s™, Halcyon™, and™) and Paulo Passalacqua are collaborating to redefine the standard for dive locker design and construction. New in 2003 was – complete stainless dive lockers, compressor rooms, wash-down dry-out gear systems, maintenance counters, diver seating and area furniture. Constructed for heavy-duty marine application to fulfill USPHS requirements manufactured in AISI 304 (AISI 316 for open deck) Stainless Dive Locker features:

  • Wetsuit/BC wash down, dry and hang vertical closet
  • Contoured edge counter tops with tool station, ultrasonic bath and vice
  • Scooter and Video camera storage racks with ventilated built-in charging station
  • All stainless enclosures and frame systems for compressors, membranes, boost pumps, volume accumulation tanks and control panels
  • Modular custom fit Stainless wall panels integrated to watertight joint edge epoxy floor system with built-in gutter tracks for full room wash down capabilities
  • Specialized diver seating configuration for comfort and security post and pre-dive Mini-galleys for the active diver’s appetite