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High Pressure Compressors

Why choose a Brownie’s Yacht ProTM Compressor?

The Yacht ProTM series of compressors offer a multitude of features that make them the perfect tankfill system for any diving workload. The variety available in the Yacht ProTM line allows you to choose the model with the features that meet your diving needs

Yacht ProTM compressors are fully automated, leaving the operator free to leave the fill station. The Yacht ProTM pressure switch will automatically detect preset high and low pressure triggers. When tanks reach the predetermined fill pressure the compressor will stop the filling process. The fully marinized construction combined with the fully automated operation make the Yacht ProTM series of compressors the ideal diving solution.

Our custom compressors are space saving (almost 30% smaller than unmodified compressors) and based on a lighter weight frame constructed of structural aluminum that has been etch dipped, primed, and Imron coated for superior corrosion resistance over standard Bauer carbon steel frames.

Yacht Pro™ Systems have significantly enlarged filtration capacities. Brownie’s™ Common Filter Tower provides 30-50% more filtration than a standard “Triplex” filtration system. Our Pressure Maintaining Valve (PMV), Non-Return Valve, Overpressure Safety Valve, and Mechanical Moisture Separator are all modularly assembled for ease of service and in-field repair.

The standard Bauer unit is an “all-in-one” design and not field serviceable. Introduced in 2001 was the Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) electric motor with the highest available efficiency rating which is available in a variety of power sources. Capable of superior resistance to corrosive environments and ignition source confines. All of Brownie’s Tankfill™ systems will also feature sealed electrical connectors with all tin-over-copper marine cables and heat-shrink protected ends.


High Pressure Compressors from Brownie's Marine Group

Common Features Throughout the Yacht Pro™ Series


FOUR-WAY Fill Manifold

Each manifold includes:

  • Highly polished and triple- chrome plated brass body with stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Kevlar reinforced High-Pressure hoses with stainless steel fittings
  • 10 foot hose with quick connect fittings. Custom hose lengths available – even long enough to fill your tanks on the tender!
  • Ballistic nylon padded carry/storage case*Four-Way Manifold comes standard with most systems.


4 Way Manifold For Filling Scuba Tanks
DIGITAL FREQUENCY DRIVEThe Yacht Pro’sTM Digital Frequency Drive is possibly its most unique feature.  This allows the compressor to slowly “ramp up” to full speed, eliminating the initial draw on the vessel’s electrical system upon startup.  Also included is a compressor hour meter. Digital frequency drive

  • All stainless steel hardware, fittings and tubing
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Wash-down quality TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor with stainless steel drive shaft, mounting hardware and fan guard
All Brownie's Compressors are fully marinized to withstand the effects from being out at sea
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