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The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Is Upon Us

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is soon here again, commencing on October 27th and running through October 31st.

As usual Brownie’s Yachtdiver are presenting all the toys any yacht owner could possibly wish for with their booths located at the Main Entrance Tent (booth 51) and in the Super Yacht Builder’s Tent with Yacht Chandlers (at booth 708 through 713).

Brownie’s Marine Group super successful new Hookah diving system will be on display, featuring the Brownie’s Third Lung VS335 – the all battery driven portable and floating dive compressor friendly to the environment.

The VS Third Lung - Battery Powered and Sporting Real Dive Performance


Also on display will be the new Triton 3300/3. The submarine will be located at the VIP entrance adjacent to the Pavillion.

Remember that the Triton Subs are also the ones making the Triton 36000/3 Submarine.

This is the submarine that we would recommend those with ambitions of going to the deepest of depth on earth. Indeed this submarine is even capable of going all the way down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench some 36000 feet below the surface. And we can think of at least one notable person who might want to sit up and listen and perhaps come study this undersea craft.


The presentation of the Triton 36000-3 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show marks its debut on the market.

The Triton series of deep submersibles, in four models, represent the only submersible designs in the world today developed specifically to meet the requirements of yacht based use.

Spectacular visibility, extraordinary surface stability and excellent freeboard coupled with state-of-the-art technology make the ABS-certified Triton the safest, most comfortable and most advanced deep submersible in the sea.

Often imitated, but never equaled, the Triton is unashamedly built with extreme attention to detail by a group whose collective 331 years experience in the civil submarine business is unequalled.

After all, you wouldn’t want to take your loved  ones to 1000 meters in a cheap, poorly constructed submarine, would you?

The world’s most advanced submarine company, Triton Subs, and high pressure glass fabricator Rayotek Scientific, have joined forces to design a full ocean depth submersible that  will revolutionize man’s relationship with the deep ocean.

With a planned descent rate of 500 feet per minute, the deepest spot in the ocean, at 35,800 ft., can be reached in approx. 75 minutes.

The Triton 36,000 Full Ocean Depth Submersible’s pressure hull utilizes Rayotek’s patented manu-facturing process and proprietary technologies to produce a sphere of high-strength specialty glass.
Glass has been successfully used in deep submergence for more than 40 years and some spheres have been rated to almost 30,000 ft. (9,000 meters).

Rayotek’s proprietary technology is capable of overcoming previous manufacturing limitations and producing perfect spheres of sufficient diameter to accommodate three occupants. By incorporating no metallic  elements or through hull penetrations in the pressure boundary, the design takes advantage of the fact that up to a very high limit, glass becomes stronger with greater compression.

The Triton is designed for both scientific and commercial work, and requires a minimum of support equipment and personnel.

All life support is internal to the pressure hull and control and monitoring functions are carried out by wireless fiber optic systems that transmit light through the glass hull as projections on the inside walls controlled with touch-screen functionality. The glass is
protected from point impact by internal and external acrylic sheaths.



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