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Brownie’s Third Lung Featured Advantages

Brownie’s Floating Hookah Diving Systems offer the freedom to dive when and where you want without the use of conventional scuba equipment. By replacing bulky scuba tanks and traditional buoyancy compensators with Brownie’s Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ and float-mounted compressor, divers can enjoy hours of fun exploring the underwater world.


3 Divers Fun For Entire Family On Brownies Hookah Diving System


In fact, the Brownie™ offers divers approximately three hours of air on less than one gallon of gas, less than the cost of filling a single scuba tank! Brownie’s Floating Hookah Diving Systems can support as many as 3 divers to depths of up to 90 feet. The very impressive and all battery powered VS Third Lung will currently give you approximately 60-90 minutes of dive time based on 2 divers.

Add-A-Diver Kits that allow an additional diver to participate are available through your local dealer.

In addition, Brownie’s will provide online training with the purchase of each recreational hookah system. This training program makes the necessary information for safe use of the equipment easy, convenient and fun.

The Brownie’s Third Lung owns a lot of featured advantages and benefits over and beyond other surface supplied air diving systems. Below you can read more on the various featured advantages:

Float Cover & Tube

Drop Weight Cummerbelt

Unique Highlights – The Peloton Hose System

Designed Features

Complete System

Accessories – Egressor Mini-Scuba


Float Cover and Tube

This ultraviolet stabilized Ballistic Nylon cover acts as a barrier for the tube from the sun, and is tough enough to resist abrasion and puncture. All seams are double stitched and stress points are box stitched with extra backing panels for the best support.

Extra-wide webbing straps with corrosion-proof buckles and snaps are ready for years in the sun. Heavy duty YKK zippers resist jamming and can be rinsed clean. Available in bright yellow and red for excellent visibility. Secure molded carry handles for launching from boat or beach.

Easy inflation – Integrated check valve, so air won’t seep out unexpectedly. Inflate tube straight from compressor unit, no extra tools necessary.

Easy deflation – lock open feature, can be totally deflated in less than 30 seconds.

TCT $284



Real Dive Performance allowed with The brownies Hookah diving systems



Brownies One Size Fits All for hooka diving


Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ – A Brownie’s Exclusive

More than just a tow belt! More than just a weight belt! The patented Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ is included in some of our hookah diving systems and can change the way you dive.

It’s instantly adjustable for waist sizes from 24 to 54 inches, so it can fit everyone in the family. It is fully padded, depth compensating and contoured to fit your waist so you won’t get the “gravity twist” like common weight belts.

It has 2 pockets – each capable of holding up to 10 lbs. of lead block or shot pouches.

For added safety and control, each pocket can be instantly released by either hand (even if gloved) while still retaining the belt. You can easily achieve positive buoyancy by releasing a single pouch – much safer than dropping all your weight at once. And you always stay connected to the air hose and the surface.

One size fits the whole family!



Unique Highlights

The Peloton Hose System

Just like bicycle riders reduce effort when riding together in a pack, Brownie’s has found a way to reduce the work required by any single diver by dispersing the load over the entire group. Our unique Peleton™ Hose System utilizes a single larger diameter hose as a main down line. Up to 4 individual 20 ft diver hoses can be attached (depending on the system being used) to provide the optimum amount of efficiency while maintaining single diver freedom.

Brownies Peleton Hose System Patented and Exclusively at Brownies

Share the Workload – Long individual diver hoses can tend to pull the float in different directions, creating a zig zag pattern on the surface and a tug-of war effect. One diver is effectively always pulling the entire weight of the float. The Peleton™ pattern utilizes the efforts of all the divers in a single direction. The net effect is greatly reduced work required by any single diver. (Think of it as divers acting like a team of horses.) You almost forget the float is even above you.

Peleton hose system ensures everone shares the workload

Drag – Very simply put, less hose in the water creates less drag and requires less effort.

Weight and Storage – Even though our hoses float on the surface, they still have weight out of the water. A 4 divers Peleton™ hose set in a Brownie’s Hookah System weighs around 16 lbs. A comparable set of individual 80 ft diver hoses for 4 divers would weigh approximately 32 lbs – twice as much!

Brownies hose configuration drawing


Click here to download a larger image (PDF file)

Buddy System – 20 ft of hose per diver allows up to 40 feet of distance. That’s enough separation for independence and exploration yet close to your buddy.

peleton system from Brownies

Brownies With One 60 Foot Downline

Click here to download a larger image (PDF file)

Entanglement – Avoid the “spaghetti” typically formed by numerous long hoses intertwining in and out of the water. The Peleton™ configuration makes deployment, recovery and clean-up simple.

peleton 3 divers from boat in beautiful waters

Swivel Fittings – Brownie’s proprietary Quick Release Swivel (QRS) hose fittings greatly reduce the chance of kinks. Our Quick Connect feature makes assembly and break down a snap. Newly reformulated material is lightweight and even more resilient and impact resistant. These fittings will never “bind” like brass fittings can from repeated exposure to salt and sand. They also weigh half as much and won’t scratch your gel coat!

QRS Connectors
(Quick Release Swivel™)Quick Release Swivel from Brownies For You Hookah Diving Hoses


Another Brownie’s™ exclusive! Our proprietary design cuts hose assembly time by over 95%. Connect or disconnect hoses in a snap, this allows you to customize your hose configuration in seconds. An audible “click” confirms the connection is secure. To prevent accidental separation, two hands are needed to disengage the connection. The swiveling design reduces kinks and tangles while you dive.

Quick Swivel Release In Close Up For Hookah diving hoses

Replacement QRS Fittings

QRS38M $ 11 Male QRS
QRS38F $ 11 Female QRS
QRSYA $ 44 Y Hose Divider
QR0GK $ 11 Connector Kit
(silicone tube and 5 o-rings)

inline filter kit for hookah diving hoses

Inline Particle Filter Kit

Located just past the black heat hose, a particle filter assures that no debris enters air lines or lungs. Only hand tightening with o-ring seal is required for instant filter replacement. Kit includes stainless steel filter and o-ring.

Replacement Filter Kit
HH-DFK $ 11

Getting Ready to dive with Brownies Egressor System

Brownies Patented Cummerbelt

Brownies Cummerbelt One Size Fits All exclusively from Brownies Marine Group

DWC-3-RD $150


Price: $150







Bring another friend!

Add-A-Diver Kit

Includes everything you need to snap another person into either system.

(1) QRS Y-Divider
(1) 20 ft diver hose with QRS fitting
(1) Brownie’s™ hookah regulator
(1) Brownie’s™ Drop Weight Cummerbelt™

ADKX-20 $429


Price: $429



Designed Features

Hookah Regulators

  • Great-Performance-From-Brownies-Hookah-Diving-RegulatorsProven performance of traditional demand regulator mechanism.
  • Compact size, small internal volume for easy clearing
  • Light-weight, impact-resistant composite materials
  • Full exhaust tee to direct bubbles away from your line of vision
  • Extended mouthpiece requires less clamping effort; reducing jaw fatigue. (Can be trimmed to fit smaller mouths)

Brownie’s new regulator design allows the hose to lay cleanly next to the diver’s body for a more effiecient and streamlined profile in the water. The regulator hose is routed from the Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ around the diver’s waist to the underside of the regulator. This allows an unrestricted range of motion, less jaw fatigue and a reduced chance of hose snags.

Hookah Second Stage
RG-8EAS2-65 $163

Hookah Second Stage with 40″ hose
SR3107HKB2WRS5 $194


Intake Staff, Flag, Drip Cap

  • Drip cap machined out of solid piece of delrin
  • Completely keeps oversprayed water out of compressor head
  • Diver’s Down flag is legal size
  • 30″ staff keeps flag in an area of greater visibility & ensures compressor a fresh supply of air.

FIS-460 $89


Storage Case

  • HDPE-High Density Polyethylene
  • More impact resistant than fiberglass
  • UV resistant – won’t fade
  • Deep bottom pan keeps center of gravity low in tube
  • Can be carried by top strap or by hand holds



Complete System

Direct-Drive Compressors

  • Oil-less compressor
  • Stainless steel splash guard with vents keeps water out (components last longer)
  • Manufactured to our own exacting standards
  • Lighter weight, more efficient than belt-driven compressor

Robin Subaru Engines

Robin Subaru engineBrownie’s has taken another leap in technology with the introduction of Robin Subaru engines for all gas-powered and commercial third lung hookah systems. Based on the Subaru WRX World Rally champion car’s boxer engine, the EX series is designed for extraordinary power, durabily and efficiency.

  • Fewer parts, greater efficiency! The Robin Subaru EX series is the first air-cooled engine line to use advanced Chain Driven Overhead Cam (OHC) technology. This more advance design greatly reduces the number of parts (and is more efficient) than the push rod design of other manufacturers.
  • Much easier to start! 30 to 40% less pulling force required than the comparable sized Honda GX models.
  • Significantly quieter! Superior muffler design allows you to enjoy your dive without disturbing others.
  • Lower emissions! The higher efficiency of the OHC technology translates to less unburned fuel emitted by the engine. Easily meets EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II emission standards.
  • Runs 20ºF cooler! Internal and external cooling fins in the case and head assembly more efficiently disperse heat, preserving oil viscosity and extending engine life.

For more information on the Robin Subaru engines, visit



Accessories – Egressor

Egressor™ Mini-Scuba System

All divers are taught to carry a secondary air source in case of an emergency and third lung hookah diving is no different. We recommend that all divers carry enough air to make a safe ascent at any time.

Our patented Egressor™ systems ride along in a handy sleeve in the small of your back-out of the way, yet always convenient. Not some tiny bottle that only provides a false sense of security, our systems feature a scuba pony bottle with a standard scuba valve (6 cu. ft. for the average diver or a full 13 cu. ft. for the serious explorer), our Egressor™ scuba regulator with a low-profile HP port gauge and the retension sleeve for the back of the Drop Weight Cummerbelt™.

More than just a safety device, you’ll find all kinds of uses for your Egressor™ system. Light and small, it can be donned in seconds – much less time and effort than donning a full set of scuba. Perfect for quick response to items dropped over-board, verifying anchor location, hull inspection, prop clearing, pool maintenance, and much more!

Diver With Brownies Mini Scuba Egressor



DWC-EGS6-WS $567
Egressor Add-on-kit: sleeve, tank/valve (6 cu ft),
regulator and necklace

Price: $567



DWC-EGS13-WS $593
Egressor Add-on-kit: sleeve, tank/valve (13 cu ft),
regulator and necklace

Price: $593



Egressor™ Packages

PKG $681
Here you can read more on the various featured advantages:

Float Cover & Tube

Drop Weight Cummerbelt

Unique Highlights

Designed Features

Complete System

Peloton Hose System